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Ms. Pooja Iyer, a renowned Career Mentor and New-Age Career Specialist, has provided career guidance to over a thousand students across India. In her numerous roles spanning over a decade, she has been part of different values-driven organizations and worked across industries in the US and Europe.

This experience has given her a very good understanding of the various career options that exist across the board. She has always been passionate about the education sector, because she believes that learning is lifelong, and she is happy to be playing a role in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

She is a certified Global Career Counsellor from UCLA. She also has an MBA in International Business from Symbiosis and a specialization from Harvard in Social Media Marketing.

As per the World Economic Forum ‘Future of Jobs’ report, the demand for many traditional career options are on the decline, while a number of new career options are growing. At this juxtaposition it is very important for students to identify the right career path for themselves. Whether a student is a high performer or an average performer, each and every student has his/her own strengths, which when identified will help them determine their career choice.

She speaks on numerous stages both in the corporate arena and education sector. Her areas of specialization are Career Counseling, Higher Education, Managing Millennials, Multi-cultural workforces, Building Youth Talent, Parent & Educator Programs and Building Entrepreneurial Talent.



We work with students from Grade 8 to Grade 12. Our Premiere Career Counseling Programs demystify the ocean of career and education opportunities, by making students aware of the multitude of options in a structured manner, so that they can gain clarity of thought and make an informed decision about their future, by identifying the:

Right Subject Combination

Right Stream

Right Curriculum

Right Course for them to pursue and

Relevant entrance exams.



Students pursuing their graduation or post graduation programs also sometimes find themselves at crossroads unable to decide the best path ahead. Each individual is unique, with different strengths, abilities, talents, interests and dreams. Ideally, it is these skills that should determine the individual’s career path. But many a time people either fail to identify their intrinsic qualities or despite recognizing them choose a mismatching education path. This is where we can provide students with clarity on how to:

Align their Career Goals

Be ready to enter the Corporate World

Pursue their entrepreneurial dreams

Enhance their knowledge base and skill sets


We assess each candidate

We evaluate the strengths

We engage with the candidate

We provide virtual Internship

We help with Global Univesities

We standby the candidate

What people say about us

It was a wonderful and great session where students where not only motivated guided and inspired but were taught how to think and not what to think. It ended up with an interactive session and students participated enthusiastically. We will definitively look for more sessions like the one which stamped the first signs today.

-School Management

I would like to appreciate the very structural and informative career guidance session held on Saturday. The session helped us understand the nuances of choosing what our ward wishes to do against what we would want him to choose. Thank you for all the effort and time in giving us a well structured session. It surely helped us a lot.


I want to become like Pooja Ma'm. She is too confident and she is having so much positive energy. The session conducted by mam is excellent. Dont know how to describe it because each and every point discussed by ma'm was related to our college life and for future. Thank you mam for such a brilliant session that motivated us.

-Gauri Yadav, 4th Sem, Civil Department